Practice Birds

My First 6 Coloured Birds

After sketching a few subjects in graphite and coloured pencils, I felt like something was missing. Art is supposed to make you feel something. I mean, really feel something. Something uplifting, heart-racing, eyes-wide-open kind of something. I didn’t feel that until I attempted my first Lilac-Breasted Roller.

I was scrolling through Instagram and came across Praveen Siddannavar’s account and saw the sweetest, fluffiest, purple-blue bird I had ever seen! It was perched perfectly, staring right into his camera. With his permission, I went for it.

It was this image that got my blood-pumping and pupils-dilating. I knew I was on a journey and wanted more. It was the food to my soul and I was still hungry. After that, I completed five more practice birds before receiving my first commission. (More on that in my future posts.)


Reference photos (clock-wise):

1) Little Bee Eater - Robert Kreinz

2) Common Green Magpie - Vishal Monakar

3) Lilac Breasted Roller - Praveen Siddannavar

4) European Bee Eater - Robert Kreinz

5) Green Breasted Mango Hummingbird - Jalil El Harrar

6) Hyacinth Macaw - AJ Jose